Online proofreading jobs notice board

About us

The Writer’s Job Shop is owned by a writing and publication company that has a wide range of clients throughout the world. We collate the work that we have available on one single notice board where pre-authorized editors, proofreaders, and writers can select the writing assignments that suit their skill set and time availability. The work advertised here is suitable for freelance writers and editors who wish to gain quick and easy access to a range of different writing jobs without having to endure a bidding or application process. Once approved, you are free to complete any writing assignments you wish and can choose from a whole host of services including editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, creative writing, business and technical writing and transcription.

The owners of The Writer’s Job Shop are focussed on providing readily accessible, high-quality editing and proofreading services that provide their customers with an opportunity to perfect their English language usage. We are not, however, an essay writing company and strongly believe that whilst it is acceptable to assist people to refine their writing and develop their writing skills, it is not morally and ethically acceptable to complete their degree on their behalf. For this reason we do not allow our writers to complete academic papers, essays, dissertations, research or thesis on behalf of students and scholars.

Why work for us

  • We offer competitive rates of up to $14 per double line spaced page of writing
  • We have a large choice of writing work that allows you to choose the type of writing assignments that suit your skill set
  • We do not ask our writers to complete academic papers so you can earn money with a clear conscience
  • We provide 24/7 access to customer orders ensuring that writing jobs can be found at your own convenience
  • You do not need to engage in a bidding process to win work, you can simply select the orders that meet your skill set and begin work immediately
  • We do not take payments off our writers if we ourselves have been paid for a project

Our biggest priorities are quality and customer satisfaction and for this reason, we are only able to accept writers, editors, and proofreaders who have writing talent of the highest standard.