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The basics


Unless stated otherwise

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Read and understand all the terms and conditions.
Ensure that all information provided during the registration process is true and accurate.
Sign into the system at least once every twenty four (24) hours to check for customer messages and emails.
Ensure that you are available by phone (landline or cellular/mobile) or Internet (Messaging system or Emails) at all times while you are working on an Order.
Ensure that all work you submit is plagiarism-free, original and is not owned by any third party, fully or partially. *
Communicate with the support department immediately if you are unable to complete an order or you expect to submit an order late. *
Ensure that all contact between yourself and the customer takes place through the Writer's Job Shop email system. *
Refer any disputes you experience with the customer to the Support Department immediately.
Try to accomodate all customer requirements and requests where reasonable.
Notify customer services if you feel that any changes requested by the customer represent a significant deviation from the original order.
Submit top quality work at all times. Check the grammar, spelling and format of your work before submitting it.
Provide customers with any revisions they request until they are satisfied with your work.
Note that you are responsible for the payment of taxes or insurance contributions in your country of residence.
Study the Writer’s JOb Shop Style Guide carefully and check document requirements before submitting an order.
Provide us with feedback and suggestions for how we can improve or system or writer’s guides.

Open more than one writer’s account. *
Disclose, copy or reproduce any processes, designs, operating procedures, business methods and innovations utilized by the company during the term of this agreement, or at any time thereafter. *
Take an order unless you are certain that you can meet the requirements within the specified timescale. *
Give your personal contact details to a customer. *
Ever send any rude, aggressive or unprofessional emails to the customer.
Submit orders late. *
* – Failure to complete orders or meet deadlines, unsatisfactory work, unacceptable conduct, failure to meet customer requirements or copying and plagiarism will result in revocation of membership and termination of the writer's account.

What we do

Our editors and proofreaders provide expert, native English editing and proofreading services to customers throughout the world. We strive to deliver editing and proofreading of the highest standard. Writer’s Job Shop editing services include: ▪ Correction of grammatical errors ▪ Correction of punctuation errors ▪ Correction of spelling errors ▪ Contents revisions and suggestions: Improvements to flow, readability and language ▪ Logical structure ▪ Clarity revisions and suggestions: Ensure content is logical, transitions are clear and arguments are relevant ▪ Ensuring the tone is relevant for the audience. Writer’s Job Shop proofreading services include: ▪ Correction of grammatical errors ▪ Correction of punctuation errors ▪ Correction of spelling errors ▪ Minor improvements to flow and readability. Where substantial restructuring is needed, suggestions can be made (if solutions are obvious); otherwise, it is sufficient to highlight the problem area to the customer.